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Engraved 3mm acrylic sign on a wooden LED light base.


This high quality product has a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours and is easy to operate. The LED light base is USB plug-in light. Equipped with 1 m long cord with on/off switch, allowing you to control in a very convenient way.


With an option to personalise, these signs look great with any gamers set up - just add personalisation to your order and add a name that will go before "busy gaming" e.g. Ryan's Busy Gaming 



Personalised 3mm acrylic sign (H)150mm x (L)149mm x (W)3mm

Wooden LED light base (H)15mm x (L)110mm x (W)40mm

USB switched cable (L)1000mm


Not Included:

USB 3 pin plug

Busy Gaming Light Sign

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